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Barkly is a Boston based startup and an endpoint protection platform. Barkly is the last line of defense against exploits, fileless, and file-based attacks. Barkly prides itself on being the strongest protection with fewest false positives and simple management. Administration through an easy-to-use cloud service enables IT users to breathe easier, knowing that Barkly has their backs.



I was hired as the sole Product Designer at Barkly. Initially I was responsible for the evolution of the SaaS product experience. Within several months, my role at Barkly expanded to include product design as well as brand and marketing design and design team management. During my time at Barkly I worked with a multidisciplinary team to rebrand the company and create and implement a brand design system across all assets and platforms. I was able to organize the team, assets, and processes in order to create a more efficient working environment. Implementing an iterative and research driven approach to design was beneficial in our team’s progress and continued success.

the challenge 

Barkly’s unique responsive machine learning technology is in the forefront on the security industry. When it came to the challenge at hand, creating an intuitive SaaS experience through responsive design and material design guidelines felt like second nature. However, communicating Barkly’s unique approach to strong, easy-to-use security in a comprehensive and visual manner proved to be challenging.

In order to solve for the challenge at hand, user and competitive research was crucial in understanding Barkly’s target market. Creating a design system and scalable visual language that spoke to our target market and customer base was achieved through various rounds of concept development, multidiscipline collaboration, iteration, testing, and refinement. The design system and visual language has allowed for versatility within Barkly’s product. Barkly’s newly designed and implemented responsive platform now allows customers to view threats and critical information on any device, at any time.